About Us

Management Team


Daisuke Nakahara

22/01/1986 In charge: Management and Domestic Sales

I graduated from Osaka Kyoiku University and worked in sales at a securities company before starting my current job. In 2015, I began selling anime figures and other items online. In 2017, I founded my own company. Currently, we sell a variety of niche goods online and strive to achieve a more convenient society by selling niche products through e-commerce. We also aim to sell Japanese niche products overseas.


Miki Nakahara

13/11/1988 In charge: Product Shipping and General Affairs

I graduated from Kansai Gaidai University and worked in apparel sales and as an office worker at a construction company before starting my current job. I oversee the shipping operations and provide work instructions to staff. In addition, I am in charge of general affairs, such as employee social insurance. I serve as a liaison between the staff working on site and the management, and strive to create a work environment where everyone can work comfortably.


Yasuhito Tanigawa

23/08/1980 In charge: Outsourcing Facilities for Persons with Disabilities and Export

I graduated from Osaka Kyoiku University and worked as a teacher and at a non-profit organization supporting children before starting my current job. After learning that there was a disability facility in the area struggling to find work, I decided to outsource a part of our company's work to them. Since then, I have been responsible for coordinating communication with the facility staff. Regarding exports, I handle tasks such as product research, negotiation, and participation in trade shows.


Company Name B-Faith Inc.
Adress Future Bld 3rd floor,3 Chome-19-13 Hama, Toyonaka, Osaka 561-0817, Japan
Business EC business, export business
Capital 5 million yen
Founded in July 2017